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Rob ClarkPastor's Blog

We tend to reserve the term “called” for people who serve God as an occupation, but reality is that all who are following Christ are doing so because they have been called. If you say that Jesus is Lord of your life, you are called. There is no question there. The question I’m asking is – What have you been called to do?

Maybe you are called to be like the disciples and leave your job to follow Jesus. Maybe you are called to sell everything you have and give it to the poor. Maybe you are called to pick up and move to some remote village half way around the world to tell people about Jesus. Maybe you think that extreme callings are reserved for a few elite, but we are all called to such extremes.

We are called to a love so intense that Jesus commanded us to love even our enemies. We are called to display that love in irrational forgiveness, radical generosity, and an unprecedented kindness. The question,”What is my calling?” shouldn’t mean, “where do I go?” or “where should I work?”, but, “How can I love like Jesus today?”.