Mothers Day and the Church

Rob ClarkPastor's Blog

Mothers Day. It’s just one day a year we set aside to honor the women who do so much for us the rest of the year. As if growing us inside of their body wasn’t enough, they fed us, held us, advised us, nurtured us, and they love us at our worst.

As I’ve been preparing a message for this Mother’s Day, I have thought about the mothers in our church. There are some who will be celebrating their first Mother’s Day, and some who have added to their bunch. There are moms with growing children leaving the home, and moms becoming grandparents. On Mother’s Day we celebrate these milestones of motherhood.

There is another side to Mother’s Day that is not as joyous. This day can expose wounds. Not every mother is on good terms with her children. More than once, we have seen tragedy strike our church family; there are few things as devastating as a mother burying her own child. How do we, as a church, approach such a delicate day?

The answer is in the question: as a church. In Paul’s instruction to the church in Rome, he tells us what the church should look like-

Romans 12:15 (ESV)Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.

I don’t know if anyone experiences such extremes of rejoicing and weeping as a mother. We celebrate the joys of motherhood together and we comfort those in pain.

Let this Mother’s Day be a reminder of what the church is supposed to be.